Prince Johnson Ade-Ayeni (President/CEO)

Welcome to the official website of OKA DESCENDANTS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA (US/Canada).
We highly appreciate and value greatly the support and trust from our friends. This is just the beginning! Our website represents our commitment to informing, connecting, and engaging with our families and community. Our goal is to bring together all Oka Sons and Daughters from diverse areas of the world. If you are a new visitor to our website, please take a moment to browse round the site and see what we stand for. Our newly redesigned website!  will give you an insight to our new, innovative ideas and policies and practice, we’ve rebuilt our site to make it much easier to find and share resources.

Again, welcome and thank you for taking time to visit this website. As the president, I want to make sure that you get a chance to see what we are doing and for you to get to raise issues with us. My intention always is to be as open as possible share whatever information that I have as widely as possible. I do however understand how important it is for people to know that they can come to me so the website will not contain any personal issues unless it has the consent of the individual.

Please have a look around the site and drop me an email on your thoughts. I’m also keen to hear of other issues that you think I should be looking at. And truly, if you are from Oka – Akoko, look no further. You are welcome aboard. Hope to see you soon.

The Oka Descendants Union of North America (USA/Canada) is an independent, nonpartisan, broadly representative group of citizens with interests and concerns related to the development and advancement of Oka-Akoko community and surrounding areas. The Organization is dedicated to providing material needs for the economic development of Oka community.

Membership is open to all Oka sons and daughters. We intend to raise funds through membership fees and general donations from friends and general public at large, in order to be able to accomplish our mission.

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  • Live Medical Equipment Presentation
    Live Medical Equipment Presentation
  • Slide Show of Medical Equipment Handing Over to HRM
    Slide Show of Medical Equipment Handing Over to HRM

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We are proud to work and be associated with these individuals

  • Oka Descendants Union (ODU) is a trusted organization with a professional and approachable staff which is committed to helping individuals specifically and is well known for hosting top-notch professional development sessions and events. The cost of ODU membership is so affordable when you take into consideration what I feel is the key value proposition for joining, which is the variety and number of excellent member services offered. Okaland community is so fortunate to have this organization like the Oka Descendants Union that is looking out for their best interests.

    Diana Richards
  • We decided to join Oka Descendants Union of North America because we felt it would be a good way to become more involved in our development of Okaland community while giving us a channel to a valuable resource center for our organization.

    Anna White
    loyal client
  • Our organization has worked with the Oka Descendants Union separately from attending workshop sessions in Canada. We have had the privilege to work with Prince Johnson Ade-Ayeni and Dr. Akin Olukoju quite recently on a program promoting youth involvement in promoting healthy relationships. I am thrilled and honored that they are easily accessible and helpful in our planning and organization of this program and in helping us connect with other nonprofits to make the project successful.

    Jacob Firebird
    happy client
  • I just wanted to write and tell you what a lovely convention we had last week at Winnipeg in Canada, this is truly a lovely vacation and perfect for families. Thank you all for your efforts in making this, and we look forward to dealing with you for our next convention.

    Tiffany Vanilla
  • We have received your news letter and think this is a great addition, we found it most interesting and informative and looking forward to receiving more with the latest information.

    Gregor Green
    3D designer
  • We had a wonderful time in Winnipeg, and found our host to be very helpful. This was a perfect location from our point of view, with all the facilities and restaurants close by. We will certainly return one day.

    Stefan Carlos
Olubaka of Oka
Senator Borroffice
Alhaji Abdulkadri
Dr. Dare Aworuwa
Ambassador Segun Apata
Dr Ategbole


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